Photo: fibre optic duct laying in Northumberland

Fibre optic network building and utility trenching

We specialise in trenching/trench-less duct installation for utilities including new fibre optic networks.

With our fleet of chain trenchers and vibrating ploughs, we have completed several FTTH (fibre to the home) network builds over the last ten years. These include one of the first rural fibre builds in the UK, carried out on behalf of Cybermoor in rural Cumbria.

More recently, we successfully delivered ahead of schedule a BDUK government (FTTH) pilot scheme in Northumberland (see this report) again working with Cybermoor and Quickline.

We are speaking with other providers throughout the UK and Ireland about future projects.

We have the systems in place and the experience needed to deliver your build not only on time but also to ensure the highest standard of reinstatement.